Surgical Procedures

Proceedings before surgery:

1. As a part of the preliminary examination at the doctors of „3CHIRURGEN“ the possibilities of surgical treatment will be introduced and explained to you.

2. You will receive patient information about the planned operation, as well as an information provided by us „What happens after surgery?“

3. In addition, you will receive a letter for your GP or referring specialist so that (s)he will be informed of the planned surgical intervention and can also perform the necessary preliminary investigations (laboratory exam and ECG).

4. PIn principle, depending on the type of surgery and possible secondary diseases, we can offer you an outpatient or inpatient treatment at the Havelklinik, the Evangelische Waldkrankenhaus or the Vivantes Klinikum Spandau.

5. As a rule, an „anesthesia conversation“ takes place a few days before surgery. Depending on the location of the surgery, the anesthetist responsible for you will be informed of all possible anesthesia procedures. Together, you decide which anesthesia procedure is suitable for your operation.

6. On the day of the surgery, please go to the surgery site soberly (4-6 hours before the appointment, do not eat or drink, do not smoke and do not eat sweets or chewing gums).

7. Before the operation you should take a shower, preferably leave your valuables at home and, if necessary, do remove any nail polishes or piercings.

8. The region where the operation will take place should always be shaved on the day of the surgery by the surgical staff, otherwise the risk of infection increases.

9. If the surgery is done on an outpatient basis, you have to wait up to 6 hours for observation. Afterwards you can be picked up by your family. After such an intervention, you are not allowed to ride your own car or bike for 24 hours.