3CHIRURGEN Team 2016

Photo: Jan Pauls

February 2015 New deployment in Rwanda
October 2014 Next Chronic Wound Quality Committee
September 2014 Hernie Kompakt (Hernia Compact) course in Austria
September 2014 Observation work („Shadowing“) with Dr. Soler in Cagnes sur Mer
September 2014 Appointment as Ambassador for the Operation Hernia relief organization
August 2014 New methods- Photo Gallery
June 2014 Dr. Ralph Lorenz was once again elected as second Chairman of the Hernia Society
May 2014 Participation at the EHS Conference in Edinburgh
May 2014 Hernia Workshop in Moscow and St. Petersburg
March 2014 Beginning of the KV Chronic Wound Quality Committee
March 2014 Participation at the Annual Hernia Society of America Convention in Las Vegas
February 2014 Image campaign for outpatient surgery at
February 2014 Image video for Hernie Kompakt (Hernia Compact)
February 2014 Humanitarian mission with SURGEONS for Africa in Rwanda
January 2014 Hernia Days and Hernie Kompakt (Hernia Compact) course from January 21 until January 25, 2014 in Hamburg
October 2013 Organizing of the Surgical Controversies Workshop in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
October 2013 Observation work („Shadowing“) at the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto (Canada)
August 2013 New methods- Photo Gallery Rwanda
June 2013 Fruchaud Prize for R. Lorenz for best poster presentation at the AHS Conference 2013
May 2013 Participation at the EHS Conference in Gdansk (Poland)
April 2013 R&D Global Conference in New Brunswick (New Jersey-USA)
March 2013 Participation at the American Hernia Conference in Orlando (Florida-USA)
October 2012 First International ONSTEP Training Course (Havelklinik Hospital)
September 2012 Election of Dr. Lorenz as Executive Board member of the Visceral Surgery Association’s Hernia Surgical Working Group
March 2012 Participation at the 5th International Hernia Congress in New York
January 2012 RBB Television presents a show about new hemorrhoid treatment methods
January 2012 DHG-approved, assured quality hernia surgery for Dr. Ralph Lorenz