Wound therapy

Leader: Dr. med. Gabriele Herrmann-Bálizs

The treatment of patients with chronic wounds has been part of the surgical task pane for decades. More than 4 million people in Germany suffer from chronic wounds. These wounds are skin defects of various causes, which, despite the necessary treatment within 6-8 weeks, do not close. Any chronic wounds are always significant limitations on the quality of life of patients and the independence associated with pain and physical impairments. The treatment often requires a multimodal approach, in which various medical disciplines and nursing facilities have to be involved (GP, surgeon, vascular surgeon at the clinic, dermatologist, diabetologist, podiatrist, orthotist, home nursing station, relatives and carers etc.). The therapy requires experience, patience and lots of time, as well as a new mode of questioning of the cause of the wound formation and clarification as well as a phase-oriented treatment approach. With this consistent therapy even wounds that have been existing for years can be brought to healing in a corresponding time span. We offer our patients special wound office hours at regular intervals in order to allow more time for the treatment and care. More information can be found on our homepage www.wundärzte-berlin.de