Sports medicine

Leader: Dr. med. Gabriele Herrmann-Bálizs

(Education: From 1996 to1999 Assistant in training in orthopedic practice of Dr. Thierse in Berlin-Frohnau. Additional qualification in sports medicine since the 2nd of February, 2002. Since 2004, representative of women’s sport section in the DGSP for the Berlin Sports Medical Association)

For more than 10 years, Dr. Herrmann-Balizs looked after exercisers in fitness and strength training. Medical training consultations are regularly carried out there to support a health-oriented training. Dr. Herrmann-Balizs also has significant experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and overload injuries of muscles and joints, as well as in counseling and therapy for osteoporosis) In practice, additional sport-orthopedic medical examinations are offered for children/adolescents and adults (in exchange of a self-pay service). (NO sport medical performance diagnostics for cardiovascular function in endurance (lactate determination))